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The Hilleberg repair team – extending the life of a tent

At Hilleberg, we work very hard to build our tents so that they will last a long time, and stand up to hard use, and we have done so since we started making tents 50 years ago. We chose the best materials we can find, we design and prototype our tents in house, we test our tents extensively both in the field and in the lab, and we make our tents in Europe. We are also committed to increasing the longevity of our tents by being able to repair what we make.
In both our Swedish and US offices, we have repair specialists who can – and do – repair tents clawed by bears, eaten by mice, gored by reindeer, even crushed by seals. They excel at taking a well-used, well-loved, 20-year-old tent, being able to repair nearly anything, and returning to the customer a fully functional tent that will last another 20 years.

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