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Do I need footprints? Do the footprints cover the vestibules?

A footprint will increase the life of the floor and protect it from damage. However, it is not needed for the function of the tent. The groundsheet fabric is waterproof and puncture proof. Some people like to have footprints to keep mud off the tent or to cover the vestibule floor. Footprints help prevent dampness from the ground from condensing on the inside of the outer tent. We sell footprints that cover the entire underside of the tent including vestibules for our Red Label and Black Label tents. The footprints for our Yellow Label tents do not cover the vestibule. They clip on to the rings, where the inner tent attaches to the outer tent, with toggles. The tent may be packed with the footprint tied on. When returning from a trip make sure both pieces are fully dry before packing away.

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