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How do I pitch the inner tent separately?

  • Start by removing the inner tent by unhooking the toggles.
  • Lay out the inner tent. Attach the pole holders, purchased separately, to the toggles at the sides.
  • From here you slide a pole across the tent through the elastic shock cords and insert the ends into the pole holders. Repeat process with other pole(s) on a tunnel tent.
  • Tie a guy line on to both the front and back of the inner tent at the top of each pole and peg these out to erect the tent.
  • The Akto, Allak, Soulo, Staika, and Tarra require separate pole holder kits that have the extra webbing to attach the pole holders to these tents.
  • Please look to the tent descriptions to see how many pole holders your tent model requires.

More detailed directions specific to your tent can be found in the instruction book that came with it. You can download PDFs of these instruction books from the pitching instructions page.