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My pole broke, what do I do?

Included in your pole bag is one spare pole section and one repair sleeve. The repair sleeve can be used to temporarily repair your pole until you have the opportunity to replace the damaged pole section. Click here to download a PDF of instructions on how to repair a tent pole.

Using a repair sleeve

1 & 2. Slide the sleeve over the damaged pole and center it over the damaged spot, and tape the ends of the sleeve to keep it in place.

Replacing a pole section

1. Pull the pole’s end-stop out until the knot in the shock cord is exposed. You can use pliers if needed.

2. Hold on to the cord so it does not get pulled back through the entire pole (Tying the shock cord around a peg can prevent this from happening). Untie the knot and pull the end-stop off the cord.

3. Pull the pole apart to expose the shock cord behind the damaged section. Tie a peg into the cord here to keep it from being pulled back through the pole.

4. Slide the damaged section and all those ahead of it off the cord. Keep track of the order so you can replace them correctly.

5. Replace the damaged section with a new one and thread the remaining sections back onto the shock cord in the order you took them off.

6. Tie the end-stop back onto the shock cord. Gently fit the end-stop back in the pole.