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How do I replace the shock cord in my pole?

Click here to download these instructions as a PDF.

1. Cut a new length of shock cord that is 70% the length of your pole. We recommend heating the ends of the cord to seal them so that the cord won’t fray inside your pole.

2. Lay out the pole and pull one of the pole’s end-stops out until the knot in the shock cord is exposed. You can use pliers if needed to pull out the end-stop. Untie or cut the knot to release the end-stop.

• Pull the end-stop out of the other end of the pole and pull the old shock cord completely out. Untie or cut off the end-stop.

3. Tie an end-stop onto one end of the new shock cord and thread it through one of the pole’s end sections. Make sure the end-stop is fully seated.

4. Thread as many sections onto the shock cord as possible while still leaving some shock cord exposed. Make sure the sections are fully seated into each other.

5. Pull the shock cord tight and tie a peg or similar object onto the shock cord with an easy-to-release knot to keep the shock cord from sliding back into the sections.

6. Thread the rest of the sections onto the shock cord, seating them as you go. If you cannot fit all the sections on, pull the shock cord tight so you have more to work with then slide the remaining sections on and seat them.

7. Pull the end of the shock cord out enough to tie the end-stop on. Gently fit the end-stop back in the pole and remove the peg.

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