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What’s the story with Kerlon 600? Why did it go away?

We originally developed Kerlon 600 as a very lightweight outer fabric for our smaller tents in our three-season Yellow Label line of tents. We were very happy with the result, and put it into production in our Enan tent.

In 2015, In order to be more environmentally conscientious and to stay consistent with new REACH regulations, we had to slightly alter the formula of the coating in all of our Kerlon fabrics. This change affected our Kerlon 600 fabric substantially, to the point that it became too hard to work with. As a result, we discontinued its use, and, from 2016, replaced it with Kerlon 1000 in the Enan model.

Any tent made with Kerlon 600 has fabric that was produced before the change, and so is not in any way affected. The Kerlon 600 is an excellent fabric, with a very light weight and an excellent 6 kg tear strength.

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