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Bryan Martin

Bryan Martin is a hunter, hunting guide and outfitter, consultant, writer and entrepreneur. In the western US hunting community he is regarded as the “gear guru,” and renowned both for his hunting and guiding skill and his strength and toughness. “I went to school for engineering and business, and I almost quit,” he says. “None of the guys who had those degrees had the job I wanted, so from the time I graduated, I started looking for ways to work as a hunter.” Bryan grew up on a ranch in central Oregon, USA, but now splits his time between there and British Columbia, Canada, where he runs his business, Asian Mountain Outfitters, which specializes in backpack hunts in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Russia. He acts as both outfitter – the one who organizes the trips – and, often, the guide – the one who is out with the client. For all his trips, he uses Hilleberg tents. “I’ve been a Hilleberg user since 2003,” he says. “And I’ve used almost every model: all the Nammatj, Kaitum, Nallo and Keron models – and their GT versions – as well as the Akto, Soulo, Allak, Staika, Saitaris, Atlas and Altai.” Currently, he’s using the Altai in his trips in Kyrgyzstan. “We are limited by space and weight,” he says. “The horses can’t carry big loads in such steep/mountainous conditions, and we use a maximum of one packhorse per client. Mobility, speed of set up, and space efficiency are essential as are snow and wind protection, because we hunt during late fall and winter conditions. The Altai is perfect for three to four people, including all of their gear, and we can keep the inside of the tent comfortable and warm while we eat and socialize each night and morning. Everyone loves the Altai, and it has been our ‘base/spike’ camp tent of choice when traveling fast and light.” (For more information, see