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Doug Stoup

Doug Stoup – “pronounced like ‘stout,’ but with a ‘p,’” says Doug with a grin – is a consummate adventurer, professional guide, and owner of Ice Axe Expeditions. He has skied to both the North and South poles more than anyone on the planet, led ski mountaineering expeditions in the Antarctic and Greenland, and run standup paddle board descents in the Amazon region. At the same time, he has pioneered locator beacons that track climate change, and he founded the Ice Axe Foundation’s Impact School, which, says Doug, “leads High School students on International field trips to some remote environments like the Brazilian Amazon, the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, the Congo, Greenland, the Sierras in CA, and Antarctica.”
Doug is not just an adventurer; he has dedicated much of his work to making people more aware of the effects of climate change and of plastic pollution, and he is as equally passionate about the adventure as he is about the education. “I love taking people to these extreme environments, I love nature, I love the wild frontier,” he says, “and I will continue to push the limits of human endurance while raising awareness for philanthropic and humanitarian organizations.”
Despite his broad ranging expeditions – encompassing environments from African deserts to Amazon rainforests to big mountains all over the world – his passion is the far North and far South. “I feel connected to the polar environments,” he says, “and I have been living in Hilleberg tents for the last 20 years, as both a professional ski mountaineer and international master polar guide. One of the most important parts of an expedition is shelter, especially in the most inhospitable places on earth. The Hilleberg Keron tents are incredibly strong with a tunnel design and large vestibules. They are extremely easy to set up in strong winds and the strength and light weight features is an obvious choice for every polar expedition. I will continue to lead adventurers to the Poles and develop new and inspiring ways to get there. This season I will lead a Fat Tire Bike adventure to the Geographic South Pole. I believe that Hilleberg tents are the most important piece of gear I own…” For more on Doug, see, and for more on the Ice Axe Impact School, see

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