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Freya Hoffmeister

Freya Hoffmeister is one of the most (if not “the” most) accomplished sea kayaking adventurers in the world. She recently completed the first leg of her current expedition “No.3 – The North Island”, the first circumnavigation of North America: From March to August 2017, she covered the entire western coastline reaching from Pacific City, OR, to Kodiak, AK. This expedition will be her third continental circumnavigation. During her other trips around Iceland, New Zealand South, Australia, South America and Ireland, she has chosen Hilleberg tents, using both the Allak and the Staika, and she has chosen the Allak again for this expedition.

“I prefer the high Swedish quality of Hilleberg tents as a first-class bush accommodation on my hardcore sea kayak expeditions. They are my “Hilleberg Hotel!” My current trip will take me all the way around North America in two half loops, starting twice in Seattle and finishing twice in New York City. It’s an insane distance of more than 50,000 km, through the Northwest Passage and the Panama Canal, fully inside the big Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of California as well as across Hudson Bay, all over what will probably be the next ten years! I again chose to use my favorite tent, the Hilleberg Allak.” (For more information on this expedition, her previous adventures, and to read her blog entries and trip reports, go to

In May 2015, she completed her “The Second Continent” expedition to become the first person to circumnavigate South America. She set out in August 2011, and completed the 16,000 miles/27,000 km journey in 24 stages. For this expedition, she primarily used her Allak, but she also used a Staika. “Around the infamous windy southern end of South America, I was relying on the rock-stable and -solid Hilleberg Staika, camping once in some incredible wind speeds of over 100 knots.”

Two years earlier she completed her first continental circumnavigation. The “Race Around Australia” Expedition, which took her roughly a year to complete, entailed 9400 mile/15000 km of paddling, and had been done only once before in the last 30 years. It is considered one of the most challenging sea kayaking routes in the world.

Prior to that, in 2007, Freya kayaked around Iceland in a record 33 days. As a follow up, she set out to become the first woman to circumnavigate New Zealand’s South Island by sea kayak. 70 days later, she had succeeded, setting a new solo record in the process, and feeling very pleased with the protection afforded by her Allak.

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