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Lina Hallebratt

Lina Hallebratt grew up on a farm in Jämtland, Sweden. “Nature has always been an integral part of my life,” she says. Lina’s outdoor résumé is astonishing, and she has done more in the past three years than most people even dream of doing in a lifetime. “I try to be out as much as I can,” she says, “which in recent years has been about six to eight months of the year.” In 2012 she did a round trip tour of Sweden on skis and bicycle. In 2013 she walked the Camino Santiago, then followed that up with a hike of the Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne (HRP), a roughly 800 km (487 mile) trail that crosses the Pyrenees at the highest walkable route. In 2014, she took a prototype of the Niak out and spent 151 days hiking the Via Alpina from Trieste, Italy, to Monaco, covering 2700 km (1678 miles) and 180,000 m (590,551 ft) of elevation change. From Monaco, she took the ferry to Corsica, where she spent 14 days hiking the 180 km (112 mile) GR 20 trail. “Then I cycled 2000 km (1243 miles) through Europe for 20 days, with my dogs, before I went home.” In 2015 she completed Sweden’s “Bands” back to back: the White, skiing the entire 1300 km (808 mile) length of the Swedish mountain chain; Blue, paddling the entire Swedish coastline; and the Green, hiking that same 1300 km Swedish mountain chain. For both her Blue and Green Band adventure she used her Niak, and for the White Band trip she used her Nammatj. She started with the White Band on February 2, finishing 69 days later. On June 5, she paddled out of Svinesund on her Blue Band bid, and finished 80 days and 2420 km (1504 miles) later in Haparanda, on the border with Finland. The paddling was so good, she says, “I continued on an extra trip down to Vaasa, Finland (about 450 km/280 miles).” A week after her August 2 finish of the Blue Band, she was on the trail for her Green Band trip. She finished 66 days later, on October 21, after hiking 1374 km (854 miles). Of her Niak she says: “The Niak is an extremely user-friendly tent that is stable in all weather! It is easy to pitch on all types of surfaces. I had lots of rain during both my mountain hiking and along the coast, and it worked well. The Niak has very generous headroom for such a small tent! To be able to completely roll away the outer tent door and have it open when the weather is beautiful offers beautiful panoramas. And to wake to the chirping of the birds and see a great landscape is among the best things one can experience! It was launched as a small tent, but I find it very roomy, so a small but big tent!” (For more information, see For more on the Green and White Bands, see; for the Blue Band, see