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Mark Seacat

Born and raised in Montana, USA, Mark began hunting, fishing, and roaming the mountains with his parents from a very early age. Deeper forays into the mountains after elk led him into mountaineering, for which he discovered an abiding passion. “I met Alex Lowe when I was in college,” Mark says, “and he really left an impression.” Mark has since been on climbing expeditions all over the world, interspersed with equally adventurous hunting and fishing trips.

“I have been incredibly fortunate; I’ve made my hobbies and passions my livelihood, so I’ve been to some amazing places. I’ve spent six months in New Zealand chasing monster Brown Trout, and I’ve spent a month climbing on Denali, in Alaska, where we lived in two connected Atlas tents. Talk about living in luxury — the Atlas system is amazing! The importance of having a bomber base camp can’t be underestimated. When you’re living with five other guys in a tent for a month you need a ton of space for people, gear, and food. The Atlases provided us with the launching pad we needed to complete our route objectives in style!”

Founder of Seacat Creative, Mark has put his talents as professional photographer and videographer to use capturing the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing, for a wide range of clients. He spends a significant portion of every year out, in the wild, either hunting, fishing, or climbing – and taking video and photos – and he relies on his Hilleberg tents. “I really love the Soulo for a lot of things. It’s hard to beat that tent for its strength and freestanding ability. It’s almost always my go-to,” says Mark “I do a late season hunt in Montana, and I love the Saitaris for that. That tent is so bomber, and I know that it will hold up to anything, and we get dumped on with snow. This is my favorite trip of the year! And for early season trip with no snow, the Niak. It is perfect for two people if you want to go really light.”

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