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Sarah & Eric McNair-Landry

It is no surprise that Sarah and Eric have become cutting edge polar travelers. Their parents are Matty McNair and Paul Landry, two of the most famous and experienced polar explorers in the world. In 2004, when Eric was 20 and Sarah only 18 they skied to the South Pole for the first time. Shortly after that they did a double crossing of the Greenland Ice Cap and broke a speed record in the process.

Since then they have broken numerous record, received awards and recognition and spent many days and nights in the arctic as well as various other exotic locations around the world. At a young age they have already become some of the more experienced explorers of our time. In 2007 they started Pittarak Expeditions and through their expeditions they hope to inspire youth to get active and get outside.

We recently received a travel report from them after another successful expedition;

“On March 19th we pitched our tent outside of the community of Tuktoyaktuk. Once again Eric and I had decided to trade in the luxuries of every day life, and move back in to our red Hilleberg tent for the winter. This was the start of a journey that would take my brother and I 85 days, retracing the historical Northwest Passage, traveling by kite ski and ski.

Our home of choice was the three person Keron GT, spacious enough to live comfortably, yet cozy enough to heat up quickly. The extended vestibule was our garage used to repair sleds and later to shelter gear from the June rain.

The most important feature of an expedition tent is a combination of strength and lightweight, it needs to keep us sheltered from the big storms, but should be easy to set up in strong winds. The Keron’s hoop design accomplishes all these with grace.”

Sarah and Eric McNair-Landry
Pittarak Expeditions

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