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Stefan Rosenboom

If you ask Stefan Rosenboom what he does, he will simply tell you he is a freelance photographer. But that is only a small part of the story. Rosenboom, a longtime Hilleberg friend and partner, creates stunning books of words and images, produces portfolios for artist and craftsmen, and is a workshop leader for the Leica Camera Company, where he runs masterclass photo workshops in, as he puts it, “the wild mountains of the Alps and in the really wild parts of Italy.” If pushed, he’ll say, “I never sell only pictures. I always write the text for the stories I want to tell, as well. I suppose I am a ‘photographing storyteller.’” To date, he has published 12 books on both outdoor and travel and on social subjects. His latest book is The Soul of Wild Italy, and his upcoming projects are Pilgrim Routes in the World, Greenland the Other Way, and The Wild Soul of Bavaria. For all his books, he also produces multimedia slideshows and exhibitions. “I travel a lot,” he says, “and for all of my photo projects, I walk. The speed is low, giving me time to learn to see, a process that never stops for me. On some projects, I travel with my family. Last summer, my wife Susanne and daughter Silja spent 6 weeks trekking in Greenland for a new book project, so for these kind of trips, I have to think about their comfort and safety. This includes the weather, the route, bears and wildlife, food, and, of course, equipment. When all these points are considered, it’s time for a Hilleberg Keron GT! This is a tent which supports all my efforts for a safe trip to the wild places of the world. But it’s not just the tent itself that provides the security; it’s a combination of that, my experience, and the perfect craftsmanship from Hilleberg. I love this tent, because with the Keron GT it’s possible to spend intensive time with my family in the wildest places, and then the family energy can flow, and this is fantastic!” (For more information, in German, see

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