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Will Copestake

Will Copestake is young, passionate about the outdoors, exuberantly adventurous, and ambitious. Born and raised in Ullapool, Scotland, he spent his childhood exploring the spectacular local outdoor playground of the northwest Scottish Highlands. Since then, he has hiked the great walks in New Zealand, and has walked across Iceland. Between May of 2013 and May of 2014, Will circumnavigated Scotland, solo, by kayak, and climbed all the Munro mountains – roughly 1600 km (994 miles) of coastline and 282 mountains taller than 900 m (over 3000 ft). “I hoped by doing this trip I would get to know my own home country a little better,” says Will. For this 364 day adventure, which Will calls his ‘journey upon my doorstep,’ he won the 2015 Adventurer of the Year award from the National Adventure Awards, which “celebrate[s] the very best of adventure across England, Wales and Scotland.” His tent: a Hilleberg Soulo. “I used my Hilleberg Soulo the entire trip. In the kayak, it was my home at the end of the day. In the mountains, it became everything from base camp to my home upon the summits. I decided to choose the Soulo long before my journey commenced: I had already used it in my previous three-month long expedition to explore Iceland while crossing it on foot. I wanted a tent that was light, yet strong enough to survive wind, rain, snow and whatever abuse I could throw at it. I also wanted a freestanding design, since I was often camping on rocky islands or ice where I needed the freedom to pitch easily without pegs. I have now slept under the same green nylon for more than an entire year of constant use. It is a tad dirty perhaps, but it is still just as bomb-proof as when I first bought it.” Will is currently living and working in Chilean Patagonia, where he is a full time kayaking guide, and so he was “eager to move into a larger home,” he says. “The Allak was a perfect solution to providing more space yet keeping the weight and pack size low. [Patagonia is] famous for unpredictable weather and, more importantly, high winds; I have experienced more gales in the last month than I could imagine, and even in 80 mph gusts on a recent trip, the tent held bomb solid all night…even if we did have to get out of bed to tie down the kayaks!” (For more information, see

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