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Veterans Expedition

Veterans Expeditions, or VetEx, is a non-profit group who organize and run trips, adventures, and expeditions for military veterans. Owned, operated and led by veterans, VetEx is committed to involving veterans in the outdoors, for both the health and the fun of it. In May of 2015, VetEx led a successful climb on Denali, 6,190 m (20,310 ft). The team of 8, self-named “8 for 22,” dedicated the climb to the 22 service members who commit suicide every day. As one team member wrote later, “We climb for the challenge, fun and discovery inherent in stepping beyond comfortable limits. We climb because we still can; Each kick, each swing is a tribute to fallen brothers and sisters who gave everything.” The group chose Hilleberg Keron models for their climb. “Definitely the best tents on the mountain,” says Dan Wiwczar, Army veteran, VetEx Northeast Program Director, and one of the Denali Team. “Light enough to take on a backpacking trip and strong enough for a month long climbing expedition. Could not ask for a better shelter!” “If someone were to ask me today what kind of tent I want, it wouldn’t take half a second to reply the Keron series tents from Hilleberg,” says fellow Denali Team member, Daniel Pond, a US Marine Corp veteran and the VetEx Colorado Team Leader. “After testing in the Colorado Rockies, then trusting them on the Expedition to the Summit of Denali, I would conclude simply that these tents are the best in the business.” Nick Watson, Army veteran and VetEx Executive Director, and another Denali Team member agrees: “Very impressive durability in extreme conditions, with an attention to minute design features that make a world of difference. Easy to set up, and solid once they are…We spent 2 weeks straight waiting out the weather on Denali in the Hilleberg Keron tents. We got over 5 feet of snow while on the mountain. We got hammered by winds above 75 miles an hour. We didn’t break a pole, we never put a hole is any of the tents, they came off the mountain in the same shape we started the expedition in. We did not have one single issue with them. They are now our tent of choice for future expeditions.” (For more information, see

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