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Christine Hägglund

Christine Hägglund, who lives in Östersund, Sweden with her husband and her 5, 7 and 9 year old children, has “actively trained and exercised” since she was very young. For many years, she competed in both cross-country skiing and orienteering. “These days I am still active,” she says, “but I don’t compete. Instead, I find my own adventures, amongst which running in the mountains is one of my favorites.” Her dream adventure? To run the entire length of the Swedish mountain range, a route many had walked, but no one had run. So, on July 1, 2013 she set out from Treriksröset, which literally means “Three Country Cairn, and which is the point where the borders of Sweden, Norway, and Finland meet. On August 8, 39 days and 1300 km later, she realized her dream when she ran into Grövelsjön, the southern access point to the Swedish mountains. “I ran completely on my own in an area where there aren’t many people around,” she says, “and I did my run completely unsupported.” She carried everything with her – food, sleeping bag and pad, and, of course, her Hilleberg Akto. “I decided on the Akto mainly because I wanted to feel safe and secure while I was out, on my own, in a harsh environment. I used the tent in wind and rain, and woke up dry every morning. My Akto was my reliable friend throughout the summer!” (For more information – in Swedish – read her blog post “Äventyr” at

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