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Christoph Haas

Christoph Haas was born and grew up in the German city of Passau, in an area known as the Bavarian Forest. “Because of the altitude and the cold climate, these mountains are very ‘Scandinavian,’” he says. “These small but wild mountains were my playground for 30 years.” He trained as a photographer – “the old fashioned way,” he says, “no computers, but a lot of chemicals!” – then studied engineering physics in Munich. “There I learned that I was not made to live in a big city,” he says. He found his way to Ulm, Germany, about an hour north of the Alps, where he works as a buyer and sales person for a fairly large outdoor/sport store. He also does PR for some outdoor companies. When he first started his outdoor adventures, it was as an avid whitewater kayaker, but then gradually he shifted into canyoneering and mountain biking. “Today, however,” he says, “I’m mostly into skiing, both ski touring Scandinavian style and free heel skiing steep and deep, as well as rock climbing and trekking. But I still won’t say no to a nice canoe trip or a high-altitude summit.” His Hilleberg tent experience is just as diverse. His first Hilleberg was a Nammatj 2 GT, purchased in 1989 (“after some bad nights in cheap tents and after I got a Hilleberg catalog from Bo Hilleberg himself!” he says). Next he bought a Nallo, and then a Keron 3 GT (“to me, it is still just absolute perfection of a tent!” he says). For trips to higher mountains, he uses his Saitaris and Jannu, calling this the “perfect combination” for such adventures: “The big and comfy basecamp and the little brother for high camp.” He still has all of his Hilleberg tents, and, he says, “I never had a problem due to quality. All necessary repairs where due to some mishap or my own dumbness. No outer material can stand a freshly sharpened ice tool pick!” (For more information, see

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