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Darrin Tanner

Darrin Tanner lives in Idaho, USA. A bricklayer by trade, Darrin is outdoors nearly every day, and in the mountains (with his kids) every chance he gets. “I love being in the mountains in all seasons,” he says. “I’m the father of six children and love being with my kids. I’ve taught, and continue to teach, them to love the mountains. The mountains are a place they can leave the stresses of everyday school and life. I’m teaching them that it’s a place where they can bring their hard decisions and make clean minded choices, away from the city noises. How many kids have ridden out a thunderstorm on top of a mountain in a Hilleberg tent? It brings the pure character out of a person, and especially kids.” Darrin is also teaching his kids about Hilleberg. “I’m a Hilleberg tent addict,” he says, “and my five older kids each have their own Hilleberg tents, Anjans and Enans!” His outdoor playground is the Sawtooth Range in central Idaho, a part of the Rocky Mountains. Known for its rugged solitude, the Sawtooths have 57 peaks rising over 3000 m (10,000 ft), with another 77 between 2700 and 3000 m (9000 and 10,000 ft). It’s also known for its bears. Darrin was in the Big Sand Lake area of the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness, when, on the first night of a three-day hike, a Black bear pounced on his tent with him in it. The bear promptly moved on, leaving only claw marks and a bent pole behind, so he was able to finish the trip without incident. “It was my son Isaac’s Anjan I was in when the bear flopped on me,” he laughs. “Thanks Hilleberg for making the best tents in the world.” “I’m not a wealthy man,” he says, “so I can’t take my kids on big vacations to Hawaii, but I can and do spend many days and weekends in the mountains with them. I spend my hard earned money on good outdoor gear, including Hilleberg tents – tents that my kids will still have when they have kids! I love Hilleberg tents!”

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