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Eric Philips

Eric Philips is an Australian polar adventurer and guide. He has pioneered a new route to the South Pole, skied from Russia to the North Pole and North Pole to Canada, ski-kited across Greenland and the South Patagonian Ice cap and has traversed Spitsbergen and Ellesmere Island. As a guide, Eric has led numerous North and South Pole treks, guided the first school sailing expedition to Antarctica, worked as a polar guide with Greenpeace and for the Australian Antarctic Division, and has taken his family by ship from Hobart to east Antarctica, where his son had his 5th birthday! Eric also designs and manufactures polar equipment, including ski bindings, harnesses and sleds. He lives in Hobart, Australia, where he runs Icetrek Expeditions.

“I have been using Hilleberg tents since 2007. The Keron 4 has fast become the standard for polar expeditions and I would hesitate using any other tent. Lightweight, super strong and intelligent design are all key characteristics that combine to form the ultimate polar shelter. Regardless of whether I am guiding a long Pole trip or doing a low-key private trip in Svalbard, I always feel comforted knowing that at the end of the day, I’ll be comfortable and secure in a Hilleberg tent.”

In 2013, Eric was one of the guides for the South Pole Allied Challenge, the third expedition of UK charity Walking With The Wounded, where he once again made good use of his Hilleberg tents:
“As always, Hilleberg's Keron 4 GT tents were superb. We had no shortage of strong winds on the Antarctic plateau to test the strength of the tents, but equally important was the dependability of other features such as zippers, poles, fabric and general functionality. In all, we had around 15 Kerons for the three wounded soldier teams and the support crew, and each was a secure haven of warmth and comfort. The down side – it made the morning rise and shine that little bit harder! I've been using Hilleberg tents on my guided expeditions to the North and South Poles for many years. In April-May I plan to ski from the North Pole to Canada, for the second time, and tucked away in my sled will be a Hilleberg tent. I wouldn't use anything else.”

Eric Philips
Owner and Founder, Icetrek Expeditions (
IPGA Master Polar Guide

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