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Günter Wamser

Günter Wamser is an aircraft engineer by training, but for the last three decades, he has been a nomad by inclination, dedicating his life to travel and adventure. He began with motorcycles, traveling in Africa on shorter journeys. In 1986, he went a step further, and left his “normal” life to begin touring full time. He began by riding his motorcycle from Alaska to South America. Somewhere in Guatemala, he switched from motorcycles to horses, and proceeded to explore the country on horseback. In 1994 he started the adventure of his lifetime: to ride from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska on horseback. “I planned to ride from Patagonia to Alaska in about 4 to 5 years,” he explains on his website. But, he continues, “I found out that the most beautiful aspects of traveling are stops along the way.”
So for 20 years he travelled with his horses across South, Central and North America. In September 2013, he completed his self-described Long Ride at the base of Mt. McKinley in Alaska. Since the beginning, his Hilleberg Nammatj 2 travelled with him on his packhorse.

“For many years my tent has been my home. Wherever I set camp, it provides shelter and security. The horses like it, too. They often sleep around the tent. I can hear them snore.”

Read more about Günter Wamser’s adventures on his Long Ride, and find information on his books and presentations at:

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