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John Lantz

John Lantz started his outdoor adventuring young, and has been “playing” in the outdoors for over 40 years. Much of his time has been in the mountains of western Norway, but since 2000, he has organized and led expeditions with groups to mountains around the world, currently with the expedition cooperative Swedish Expeditions. He has taken clients to Aconcagua in Argentina, Elbrus in the Caucasus in Russia, Pik Lenin on the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, the Andes in Peru and Bolivia, and the mountains of Norway, among others. “The idea,” he explains, “is to bring people who don’t have ‘extreme’ experience and give them a taste of challenging climbs, but without the big expedition arrangements. We go light, and can usually climb the mountain alpine style, and without support (after thorough acclimatization, of course). A 7000 meter peak can be climbed in the same way as the big mountain in Sarek, in Sweden. It offers an amazing feeling of freedom!” On nearly all of his trips, John uses the Staika. “It has almost everything you could want from an expedition tent,” he says. “It has plenty of ventilation for hot weather, and it works well in cold and stormy climates, thanks to the robust construction, and when you are in a storm, you quickly forgive the slightly higher weight. Most importantly, it is possible to set up basically anywhere, and it has the fairly spacious vestibules, which provides some individual space, a good thing for two people on a long expedition.” Lately, he has also started using the Saivo as a bigger (3 person) tent, as well as a “group assembly area.” “We have celebrated several holidays during our expeditions, with groups of 10 to 12 people, in our Saivo.”

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