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Kevin Dana

Kevin Dana is a self-described “regular guy,” but, as he lives in Alaska – where he was born and raised – “regular” might be misleading. He began hunting at age 7, and was a licensed guide by age 20. He works a “real job” – as a manager for a hunting and outdoor specialty retail store – but he lives to be outdoors, both for his own pleasure and as a guide. “I hunt over 50 days a year,” he says, “and if I’m not doing that, I’m hiking or backcountry skiing in the Chugach mountains, which is essentially my backyard.” He uses Hilleberg tents, including the Allak, Akto and Nammatj 2, because of his guiding experience in Alaska, which boasts arguably the wildest, most demanding terrain and conditions in the US. “Clients would come in, from, say, Texas, and they would have never seen weather like we get here,” he says. “And when it goes really bad, they look to me for assurance. Hilleberg models are my go to tents, because I know that no matter how much snow, wind, rain, or all of the above, we get, there is never a question that we will make it through.” On a recent sheep hunt in the Alaska range, Kevin and his party were flying in to their starting point when their Super Cub plane was nearly brought down by severe weather. After setting down at the base of glacier, Kevin remembers, “I set up my Akto in winds in the 40 mph (64 kph) range and driving rain and snow.” The storm continued to worsen, bringing rapidly accumulating snow and winds in excess of 50 mph (80 kph). “The storm finally broke 48 hours later,” says Kevin. “The Akto took everything mother nature could throw at us. It is a phenomenal tent.”

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