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Krister Jonsson

Krister Jonsson was born and grew up in the very small village of Bredträsk, in the far north of Sweden. He grew up climbing, hiking, hunting and fishing, and naturally gravitated towards becoming a professional guide. He worked first in the Kebnekaise Mountain Station, the jumping off point for Sweden’s most famous – and most rugged – mountain massif, and by 1996 he had established his own guiding company, Alpine Madness. In 2003, he became one of the first Swedes to earn certification as a UIAGM Mountain Guide. He was also the first Swede to climb all six classic north walls of the Alps. “Climbing is a big part of my life, both for work and for myself,” says Krister. “Thanks to my guiding company, I have the opportunity to travel and climb extensively.” Krister has had adventures in Greenland, South America, Africa, Nepal, India China, as well as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. He’s also climbed several times in Alaska and other parts of the United States. “I spend between 10 and 12 weeks a year in a tent,” he says, “and I have used several brands of tents. The biggest difference I saw when I switched to Hilleberg tents was that they lasted so much longer. Before, after about a year I had to replace my tent, but now, with Hilleberg models, they just tend to last. On my last Patagonia trip I took a Jannu with me. During the many, many stormy and rainy days and nights, it kept us dry and gave us a comfortable, peaceful shelter, and we were never worried that it would break. It’s just a great, easy to use, tent!” (For more information, see [in Swedish])

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