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Lars Larsson

Lars Larsson grew up in Sweden, and at a young age became “drawn to adventure,” as he puts it. After pursuing master’s studies in computer science and engineering, he began a career as a journalist, but rediscovered his passion for adventure and exploration. “I have long had a dream of traveling in the footsteps of Swedish explorer and geographer Sven Hedin to document and compare how the landscape and culture of the places Hedin visited has changed over the last hundred years,” says Lars. To follow his dream, Larsson created the Sven Hedin Project, a series of expeditions to follow in Hedin’s tracks. “With funding from the National Geographic I was able to launch the first expedition of the project in May 2013,” says Larsson. He used Hedin’s maps, diaries and photographs to follow Hedin’s 1906 route through the deserts of eastern Persia (now Iran) to the border with Afghanistan. “For most of the trip we would be living in tents. Since the expedition included everything from snow and biting cold on the 5671 m (18,606 ft) high Mount Damavand, the Middle East’s highest peak, to the intersection of the smoldering hot salt desert of Dasht-e Kavir, we needed robust quality tents that work in the most extreme environments. Hilleberg was the obvious choice and we used the Saivo, Tarra and Nammatj GT.” In 2015, Lars conducted the second phase of his project, a two-month expedition that included both the 7509 m (24,636 ft) Muztagh Ata in Chinese Pamir and the Wakhan corridor on the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. “Because these expeditions are not just about adventure, but also have a scientific purpose,” says Lars, “nothing must go wrong. If a vital piece of equipment should fail when we are in an Iranian desert or in Afghanistan’s mountainous regions, it is impossible to replace it, which probably means that we will fail to complete our task. To minimize the risk, I use only Hilleberg tents on my expeditions. They are user friendly and easy to set up. Entrances and ventilation are easy to handle and the whole tent design has a good balance between strength and weight. Above all, I feel that I can rely on Hilleberg tents, thus I sleep safer at night.” (For more information, see

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