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Lars Verket

Since 2005, Norwegian Lars Verket has been a fulltime adventurer, writer, ocean paddler and, in his words, “Paddlosopher.” Inspired by the late ecophilosopher Arne Næss, Lars’ ideal is “to promote amazing outdoor experiences close to where people live,” largely to reduce our transportation footprint. “This does not mean less experiences, but rather smarter planning,” says Lars. “If you only go half as far to get to your trip, but stay out twice as long, you’ve reduced your travel by 50 percent.” For Lars, his nearby place is southern Norway, which, he says, has a fantastic coast line. “You can find every kind of paddling, from protected and idyllic to very exposed and very wild — and all of it very beautiful. There are thousands of islands, picturesque lighthouses, and spectacular fjords, as well.” In 2014 Lars tried to be the first “paddling pilgrim” to go from Tønsberg, Norway, south of Oslo, to Trondheim, on the northwestern coast, in a kayak. He used his Soulo as his “hotel room” and was very happy with it. He was forced to give up the kayak halfway into the trip, but, he says, “I continued on foot. I swapped my Soulo for my Akto, and had a great adventure. I have been using Hilleberg tents for almost 20 years now, and I can always trust that their tents will keep me dry, and protect me from strong winds!” (for more on his pilgrimage, see In 2015, Lars went out again, this time as a “climate pilgrim,” and traveled around southern Norway by bike, using his Nallo GT as home. Echoing his mentor Næss, Lars says “it is important to reduce ones transportation footprint and to take better care of the natural world. We have to be more humble in our use of energy. We take it for granted that we can just use more and more, but that isn’t the case.” (For more information on Lars, see and

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