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Mind for Adventure

Swedes Linnéa Grahn and Emma Lockhart founded their Mind for Adventure partnership in 2013 as a way to carry out expeditions and participate in adventure races. Linnéa, who lives in Stockholm, is an experienced adventurer and guide who has, among other things, participated in several of fellow Swede Ola Skinnarmo’s expeditions in the Arctic. Emma follows her passion for dog sledding on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau in central southern Norway, where she settled after a number of years in New Zealand. “In the summer of 2015 we sought adventure by running through Scotland’s wilderness from north to south,” say the women. On their “Scotland End to End” adventure, the pair covered nearly 900 km (560 miles) in 24 days, from Cape Wrath in the north to the Mull of Galloway in the south. “We carried all of our gear, and so were free to make our route where we wanted – in the undeveloped, roadless and incredibly beautiful landscape,” they recall. “We know that the choice of equipment is crucial for a successful trip. On our ‘Scotland End to End’ we needed a reliable tent that would also be light enough to run with. Our Niak – easy to use, durable, lightweight and quick to dry – allowed our expedition to be done in the best possible way. With the wettest [Scottish] summer in living memory, we really put the Niak to the test with convincing results. It is now our big favorite and an obvious choice for all of our upcoming lightweight trips. We are delighted that we chose the Niak, a tent we have praised many times, both during and after our expedition through Scotland.”

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