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Mirjam Wouters

Mirjam Wouters was born in the Netherlands and grew up cycling. When she left on a 3-month vacation in 2001, she had no idea she would still be on the road 15 years later. Since she picked up her bike in 2003, she has cycled nearly 93, 000 km (57,788 miles) through 63 different countries. Along the way, she picks up odd jobs and blogs about her adventures, and, as she puts it, “travelling and experiencing the places I pass at a slow pace.” She loves the ice roads, Northern Lights and the Australian outback, and is always looking for the next challenge and for that “next big open space.” “I wish I would have had the Hilleberg Staika a long time ago!” she says. “It would’ve been absolutely ideal in Iceland and Northern Canada…Well, everywhere I’ve been really! I love camping in winter and this tent gives me the right amount of space to be comfortable in a storm. It stands solid as a house, and the fact that it’s so easy to set up and pack away, even when it’s (very) windy, is a big plus. I was camped on a mountainside in Colorado last December, with a storm rolling in. I could hear the gale coming through the mountains, and it made me a little nervous but this tent stood its ground and I got through the night comfortably. It doesn’t flap around and make lots of noise like other tents I’ve used. I love the option of being able to use the inner tent without the outer tent for warmer climates, and I hope to be using it like that soon. Thanks for making such an awesome tent! I’ll be calling it my home for a long time to come. (For more information, see

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