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Uwe Krauss

Uwe Krauss grew up in East Germany, and when the Wall came down, he recalls, “I was 19 years old just the right time to enjoy the newly gained freedom.” Prior to this, he had been pursuing a career in civil engineering, but wanted to do something more exciting. “At school, Geography was always the subject that interested me most,” he says. “And I liked riding on two wheels. So I went off to ride a motorcycle around the world. I didn’t expect that this would take me six years. Neither did I anticipate that my life afterwards would change completely.” While on the road, he had to finance his trip, and, as an avid hobby photographer, he started to sell stories and photos to magazines. “Since then, I have worked as a freelance journalist for motorcycle and outdoor magazines in Germany, and for Roadrunner in the United States.” When Uwe set out on his trip, he and his girlfriend looked for the toughest tent that was also easy to pitch anywhere. “We found it,” he says. “The Staika became our home for many years, and for almost every day use. It had to endure the winds of Patagonia for a month, or the sandstorms of the Sahara Desert.” His life before the trip gave him a particular perspective on the tent. “Being an engineer,” he says, “I loved all the thoughts and details that went into the Staika.” And beyond its strength and ease of use, the Staika was very much a part of Uwe’s memories of his trip. “It stood in all kinds of strange locations, too,” he says, “like a cemetery in Rwanda (recommended by the priest as the safest place), or a mud hotel-room floor in Ethiopia to avoid bedbugs.”

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