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We love hearing from Hilleberg users all around the world as they share their adventures and experiences. Here are just a few of them. Contact us to get your story featured.

We've used the Anjan 3 through the John Muir Trail in California. At 4 lbs. between the two people, it averaged a modest 2 lbs. per person, which was plenty light for such a sturdy tent.
The bright red color really stands out and makes it very easy to find the tent when you're tired and it's getting a little dark (This is our favorite feature). The vestibule is plenty big enough to cook, organize gear and provide shade for those times we needed shade from the sun. The Anjan 3 strikes a balance between blocking the wind and proper ventilation with the different setup configurations. We experienced no condensation even when the temperatures ranged in the low 30's Fahrenheit. Moreover, it had a comfortable breeze during the warmer nights. We had no problems pitching this tent in rocky areas, it can be really sturdy with only 4 pegs in an emergency if you can't find enough stones. Having said that, this tent is super easy to setup compared to other tents we found on the trail. One of the criticisms we found on reviews of SilNylon tents is the saggingthat happens during rain and temperature change. Hilleberg Silicon Coating is different than cheaper tents and we did not find ourselves adjusting the lines etc. It was really assuring that we had a proper Hilleberg tent that could handle most of the puzzles mother nature can throw!
Thanks for making a superior product!
Adrian & Air

Hi Petra, 
I wanted to send you this photo of my Soulo and Akto on a recent hiking trip with my daughter. We hiked for 2.5 hours then walked through shallow water to arrive at a Quartz Beach on Lake Judd, 700 meters above sea level in Tasmania's Southwest Wilderness, Australia.
From David

Dear Hilleberg Family,
17 years ago (age 21) I discovered the Hilleberg tents and immediately fell in love with the quality and passion with which you make your tents. We had the opportunity to buy a Nallo 3 GT in may 2005 and have made countless beautiful memories with it. The tent never failed us. Last summer we introduced our kids to hiking and camping in the Swedish mountains. Despite continuous storm, rain and a temperature as low as 2C° it was an amazing experience for all of us. However the old Nallo 3 GT proved to be to small for the four of us. Today we bought our second Hilleberg which will be our next best friend on our adventures, the Allak 3. Regards and keep on making the best tents in the world, without compromises.
 Ivor Kreuger & Astra Ooms

Hi Hilleberg! 
I have had my Keron 3GT for a while and it has been with me a number of adventures. I love it and it is my constant travel companion. Last week me and my boyfriend were in the Swedish mountains and it rained constantly for a whole week. Of course it made us (and all our clothing) very wet but no matter how much it rained the tent was dry on the inside. It made the trip so much better to be able to sleep in a dry sleeping bag. I love the footprint as it makes the tent extra rain resistant. Also, it takes absolutely no time to set it up and it is so easy to adjust to get the best temperature. 
We are so happy with the tent, thank you so much!
Johanna and Lars 

Hi Hilleberg!
I just wanted to thank you for making the best tents in the world. I just came home from a hike in Marsfjällen in Vilhelmina, Southern Lapland and my Nammatj 3 GT was amazing (as usual).
I stayed warm despite the evening's rain and the night's freezing temperatures and the tent stood firm despite strong wind.
Thank you for making it possible to sleep in a tent that not only feels incredibly stable - but also very homely thanks to the generous apse!
Simon Jonsson, Jävre

The aim of the Year Outdoors project was to spend exactly one calendar year hiking in the most remote areas of northern Scandinavia. After 18 months of planning and preparations I began my journey in August 2019 from the shores of the Arctic Sea in northern Norway.

The year I spent in the Nordic wilderness was an unforgettable one. As both mental and physical challenge it was something I had never faced before and I’m glad that I was able to overcome it. More importantly, looking back I remember the journey as a profound nature experience. Although I spent almost nine months alone on this trip, I never felt myself lonely. The nature always kept me company in some form or another. From the beginning to the end of this long journey, I felt that nature really took me under her wing as one of her own.
Finally, after 2500 kilometers of walking and skiing I finished the journey the same place I started it 366 days before. During the whole trip, I had a Hilleberg tent with me to provide me reliable shelter when camping outdoors was not an option. In every storm I felt lucky to own such a quality equipment.
Erno Saukko

Hello Hilleberg,
We have been using our Staika now for a week and I wanted to tell you that we are very happy with it! It feels very solid and the inner tent is spacious. We learn everyday quicker to set up the tent and how to ventilate the best way. We really think this tent is perfect for long distance cycle tourers who are making as long and demanding trips as we do. The first picture is taken at the campground in Rochester, Victoria and the second at Lake Boga, Victoria. So once again, thank you for your great service and giving us the feeling that we can continue our cycle tour through Australia without worries. Cheers, Jelle and Carla

Hi guys,
I’m from Melbourne Australia and exploring remote, isolated Australian coastal areas while land-based game fishing is my passion. I love my akto tent. Survived a Bass Strait Southern Ocean storm last night with 60 knt winds. Here is this evening's picture with my guests. Thank you kindly, Robert Franc

Hi Hilleberg,
I wanted to share a few photos with our Keron 3 GT during our 75 day long adventure through the Swedish mountain chain. It was 1330 km. We started in Grövelsjön, Dalarna and ended at the Three-country Cairn where the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian borders meet. The night photos were taken on very cold nights, -32 Celsius, one of them with strong Northern lights. During our adventure we encountered various weather of course - 36 Celsius at the coldest, strong winds but of course beautiful weather as well! We choose the Keron 3 GT due to its quality and robustness to bad weather. When you are out for 75 days you don't want to worry about your gear. We were able to focus on enjoying the trip and handle all the challenges on the way, always know that your high quality gear would keep us safe and warm. Thanks, Emma and Gustav

Dear Petra and friends, First, I want to share my warmest thanks for creating such beautiful tents. I consider my Keron 3 GT "my first home,” and have used it along the coast of Labrador and across Baffin Island. My great-grandfather was an outfitter to Amundsen and Shackleton, and beloved gear is a deep part of our family tradition; I'm so thankful the absolutely brilliant kit you craft is part of our family tradition now, too. with gratitude from Nunavut, Andrew

Hello Hilleberg, Just got in from a quick trip with anjan 3. I am tickled to death with this tent. It was a joy to use and even though the winds got just a bit fierce the tent held its own and I'm sure it will perform flawlessly in the future Thanks, Ken

Hi Hilleberg, I wanted to give you a quick update regarding my Soulo tent. I have been using it in Patagonia for just a couple weeks, but so far I am loving it! Here are a couple pictures taken near the shore of Belgrano Lake in Perito Moreno National Park, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina during a scouting trip to lay out new hiking trails in the park. All the best. Jedediah Talbot OBP Trailworks, LLC

Thank you so much for these amazing tents. Had a great time in my Akto here in Australia. Regards Falk

Dear Hilleberg, My dog Cruz and I had a great weekend in the Uinta mountains this past weekend. I love my Nallo 3 GT! I purchased this tent last year. It's a bit big for just me and the dog, but it rained for almost 12 hours straight, and I've never had a tent keep me so dry. I especially love the huge vestibule space. Thanks for making such great products and standing behind your work. Thanks, Ryan Johnson

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