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We love hearing from Hilleberg users all around the world as they share their adventures and experiences. Here are just a few of them. Contact us to get your story featured.

Hi Hilleberg, I've had the Staika now for 5 years and love this tent! Absolute beast of a tent. Recently spent 4 nights in the Mt Timpanogos Wilderness area located in Northern Utah. Being February I had snow, wind, and -5° F temperatures. This tent has never let me down. Also at 6'8" the tent has enough room for me and my custom sleeping bag. Thanks, Spencer Madsen

Hello, I was in Kenya on a safari in the Maasai Mara National Park together with my daughter and some friends. There, we slept in our beautiful red Nallo tent that withstood an ant invasion, a harsh thunderstorm, and a visit from an elephant. In addition, my sister and I had it as our home throughout the Green Ribbon (a through hike of the Scandinavian mountain range). Truly the best tent!!! I am so pleased with it. Warm outdoor greetings, Valborg Axelgren

Dear Petra Hilleberg, Just a note to thank you for the Nammatj tent! I don’t know why it took so long, and so many other Hilleberg tents, but I am so happy with my new Nammatj. It might be the best tent in the world, but it is certainly the best tent I have ever used. I used it in the Anza-Borrego desert purposefully during the rare, I’d like to think unprecedented, rains of last week – and while the water ran over, around, and under the Nammatj, I was dry as could be, smiling and almost laughing out loud. The wind blew too, I think it was at least 25 mph – I didn’t dare take my little weather meter out of the tent – and the Nammatj shrugged a little bit and stayed firm. Thank you very much! Tom

Hi Hilleberg, I wanted to share a photo I took on a weekend trip last October. Besides longer wild camp holidays, I try to be in nature during the weekends with friends or on my own. Autumn for sure is on the the best seasons for the swiss Alps – clear air with fantastic views, colorful leaves and silence (the cows are already down in the valleys). That weekend in October, I chose the Hilleberg Unna – a great, stable and spacious solo tent that allows an amazing view on the landscape from the inside – and hiked an off the trek trail in the canton of Glarus (altitude around 2000 m). The next morning, heavy autumnal wind blasted and proved the incredible strength of this fantastic tent. Just amazing! Solo camping is always special: the silence and the isolation is a thrilling but also liberating experience. Being in nature and observing animals in the surrounding landscapes is exciting. Getting back home and into work afterwards is like switching between different worlds. Thank you for making the tents that make it possible. Thomas Jarek

Hi Hilleberg, I wanted to give you a quick update regarding my Soulo tent. I have been using it in Patagonia for just a couple weeks, but so far I am loving it! Here are a couple pictures taken near the shore of Belgrano Lake in Perito Moreno National Park, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina during a scouting trip to lay out new hiking trails in the park. All the best. Jedediah Talbot OBP Trailworks, LLC

Hi Hilleberg Team, My Soulo has been the tent that I reach for every time I head out on an adventure in the mountains of Alaska. The security it gives in harsh weather allows me to sleep well, either in the middle of winter on a glacier or at 7000 ft in the autumn while mountain hunting. While not the lightest one-person shelter, that number does not tell the whole story. Due to the warmth of the solid inner tent and the security of knowing that It will not collapse during storms, allows me to use an ultra light down quilt and neo air sleeping pad. The total sleep system weight is thus minimized, all the while maintaining absolute reliability. Ben Reynolds Splitboard ambassador for AMPLID Snowboards and Mountain Hunter.

Hi Hilleberg, I’ve been so impressed by my Hilleberg tents that when a friend of mine and his teenage son started planning a fast-moving canoe trip across the Quetico-Superior region of Ontario-Minnesota with me, I suggested they buy a Hilleberg for themselves. Here’s my Enan and their Anjan 2 on Lake Isabella in Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada, with six days, 96 miles, and a remote border crossing down; and three days, 42 miles, and another remote border crossing to go. Though this site was a beauty, we ended up on some marginal sites, with poor tent conditions. The small footprints and easy setup allowed us to move all day every day and take whatever site we came to at the end of the day, with no worries about site size or space. Though rocky soil was sometimes a challenge, we always managed to find spots that worked for both tents. They took up little weight or space in the portage packs, and kept us dry and comfortable all the way. My Enan gives me the confidence to sleep soundly no matter what’s happening outside, which means I’m always ready to move the next day - after my coffee, of course. Thanks! Tom Lindsay

Hi from Tierra del Fuego, Tierra del Fuego, in Patagonia Argentina, is one of the points closest to Antarctica. Snow and strong winds. Far from any help nothing can fail. You need to trust your gear fully, for that: the Hilleberg Tarra. In my opinion it is the best tent in the world. Thanks Hilleberg for making this tent so I can enjoy quietly the most inhospitable places on earth. Daniel Díaz

Hello, You already know that your tents are perfect, but I still want to celebrate them a bit :-) I bought an Unna this past spring and have now been with it in Grövelsjöfjällen, Sweden, for the past 7 days. Ooooooh, it is so perfect for me!!!!! I truly love the flexible opening on the longside! With it the tent becomes ”one” with nature outside. In addition to sunshine, I have had long and steady rain and an incredible thunderstorm. The Unna of course handled everything perfectly! A few of the nights the tent was sitting on very wet ground. I do use a footprint. The moisture and wetness from below was never a problem on the inside. What I also love is that it is so incredibly fast and easy to set up and take down. So, I already from before thought you were the world’s best tentmaker, and the Unna has only emphasized this even more. I am so happy and joyful over this beautiful tent!!!! Thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do!!! Rava Heoris

Hi Hilleberg, My Nallo 2 has over 25,000.00 miles on it! This is my “go to” tent for adventure motorcycle travel. This tent has endured summer snows in high elevations of Colorado as well as 1.5” hail in North Dakota. Our recent trip to Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula pushed this tent to the max as we were caught in gale force Lake Superior winds on the tip of the peninsula. 4 straight hours of 50 mph winds convinced me that this 12 year old tent does NOT need replacement! 2 other “name brand” tents were tore from the ground! Love my Hilly! Mike Schneiderhan Hastings Michigan

Hi, Just thought I'd send you a quick photo and anecdote about the new tent and a sneaky extra photo of the riding! Didn't have the best light to deal with but I kind of like the feel of it! I went to explore the Telkwa pass just outside of Smithers this weekend, and as the trail was super rough we were trying to keep weight down. I shared the Anjan 3 with 2 other bikers and we all slept beautifully in the shelter, and it didn't feel cramped at all! We meant to wake up with the sun at 6 o'clock but none of us woke up until 9 which is a real testament to how comfortable we were because we're all normally early risers. It was pretty rough riding, and the other couple I rode with were super impressed with the weight and sturdiness of the tent, and very happy they'd left their tent at home. Also, love the new pegs! Dan Mattison

Hello Hilleberg, We just came back last week from our trip to Yukon to climb the highest mountain in Canada - Mount Logan, and are still recovering from all the wind and cold. If to be honest, there were some moments when I didn't know if we can make it alive. There are some places where you don't want to be caught in storm and this is exactly what happened to us. Weather forecasts are useless in St Elias range and the summit plateau is the worst spot be in bad weather. Wind gusts over 120 km/h, heavy snow, extreme cold (-40 C) was a casual day for us. I remember during one storm I was waiting for the tent to collapse due to extremely strong winds but Keron 3 stood like a champ. It's hard to put into words, however, Hilleberg tent proved (again) to be ultimate shelter in the most extreme situations and gave us peace of mind that it can handle anything. Even without a snow wall. Best Regards, Andrius Kirdeikis

Dear Hilleberg The photos were taken at Mt. Gede Pangrango, West Java, Indonesia at 2989m. The weather was nice but very windy. At first I was worried about the windy weather. But my worries disappeared while in my Soulo tent, it made me comfortable. Thank you! Best regards, Rochmat

Hilleberg tent continues to deliver. I used my Akto and two visiting friends used my Nallo 3. We got a lot of rain, temps in the 30-50 range, 5 day trip. Noteworthy regarding the Nallo 3 is two guys, 6’1” and 6’3” (both hunters but this was a backpacking trip in the 9.5k elev range) reported the Nallo 3 has plenty of room for them and they felt “safe” in the rainstorms and rugged terrain with the tent I provided. I always feel secure in the Akto as well. Keep making great tents please! Take care, Tyson

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