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Testing Hilleberg Tear Strength

Every one of our Tent Handbooks come with a tear strength testing sheet. Order your free copy today and see for yourself how the tear strength of our Kerlon outer tent fabrics means not only a longer life for your tent but also provides welcome “trip insurance” when the weather turns wild.

Greater strength equals greater safety. It is that simple. The stronger the fabric on your outer tent is, the less likely it is to tear because of bad weather, rough handling, or inadvertent mistakes.

Our Kerlon fabrics are coated, on both sides, with a total of three layers of 100 percent silicone. Certainly, they are completely waterproof and very light, but our process also imparts a strength to the base material that is an order of magnitude greater than is possible with the more common polyurethane coating. Perhaps more importantly, our coated Kerlon fabrics are also far, far stronger than so-called “siliconized” materials, which typically employ a coating mixture of silicone and other compounds.

This means that we can start with lighter weight base fabrics and still produce outer tent materials that are stronger overall, and, in the case of Kerlon 1800, 1200 and 2500, that are stronger than a great many of the so-called “expedition grade,” heavy duty tent materials on the market (even our lighter Kerlon 1000 fabric is more robust than many of those fabrics). The result: if your outer tent does suffer a puncture, our high tear strengths make it far less likely that the puncture will develop into a trip-ending rip.

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