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September 13th, 2022

Hilleberg Ambassador Sarah McNair-Landry, unlike most, doesn’t think of Baffin Island as a frigid, barren and isolated island in Northern Canada. To her, it’s home, and the perfect winter playground for her pastimes: kite skiing and surfing, dog mushing, whitewater kayaking and rock climbing. Between being a multi-sport athlete, documentary videographer and Master Polar Guide, she has found time to sit down with Petra Hilleberg for a Tent Talk. The two go over everything from getting into winter camping to navigating polar bear country and recap some of Sarah’s past expeditions across the globe, discuss what’s next for her, and outline how she chooses tents for her adventures.

The Keron and Keron GT models are Sarah’s “home away from home” during her multi-month-long arctic trips. “They’re just bomb-proof,” she says, “I just have full confidence that they’ll be fine in any storm, which is huge when you’re out in the middle of nowhere and in these super windy, remote locations” You can view the full Hilleberg Tent Talk Video with Sarah McNair-Landry on our YouTube channel.

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