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February 6th, 2017

Redesigned Anjan and Anjan GTs are available now

Anjan and Anjan GT both redesigned for 2017

The redesigned Anjan and Anjan GTs are available to order now. Both the Anjan and Anjan GT have been redesigned for 2017, replacing the dual opening pole sleeves and Lock-Tip poles with single opening sleeves and standard poles for quicker pitching, especially in windy conditions. Both offer full weather protection in varying three-season conditions, as well as plenty of ventilation for warmer days and nights. Mesh inner tent doors and a mesh vent in the back wall of the inner tent, along with catenary patterning at the bottom of the outer tent walls, allow full-time air flow. For even more venting, in both the Anjan and Anjan GT, the rear wall of the outer tent can be fully rolled back, and the Anjan’s front vestibule can be completely rolled to the side.

Both are excellent choices for three-season backpacking trips and summer bicycle or paddling tours. In addition, warm weather comfort seekers can “size up” and still keep the weight very low. The Anjan 2 (1.8 kg) makes a deluxe solo tent, and the Anjan 3 (1.9 kg) is lightweight luxury for two. Even the Anjan 2 GT (2.1 kg) and Anjan 3 GT (2.3 kg) are surprisingly light – yet huge – solo shelter options for those who hold spaciousness in the highest regard.

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