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June 12th, 2019

We are proud and excited to introduce our new 2-person Anaris, which will be available in the spring of 2020. A very roomy yet lightweight ridge tent, it is built to pitch with trekking poles or by suspending the ridge ends from trees or other supports. The Anaris is Yellow Label tent, so it is a snow-free/3-season model, and its excellent combination of light weight, simplicity and impressive comfort make it ideal for backpacking and similar warmer weather backcountry adventures.

The Anaris weighs just 1.4 kg/3 lb 1 oz and yet has a generous 2.6 sq m/28 sq ft of inner tent area and over 110 cm/43 in of headroom. The new Anaris also offers remarkable flexibility. Both inner tent entrance walls, including the doors, are no-see-um mesh, which, along with the catenary patterning on the outer tent walls ensure excellent full-time airflow. Both doors on both vestibules can be partially or fully rolled away, allowing even more venting options, and either or both of the Anaris’s sides can be fully rolled up. Like all of our tents, the Anaris has linked inner and outer tents, allowing either simultaneous pitching or separate use. Used on its own, the outer tent is a supercharged tarp, thanks to its multiple options for rolling the ends or the sides. And the inner tents full mesh ends make it a superb choice for bug protection in hot weather.

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