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I Choose Hilleberg

We have an ongoing video project called “I Choose Hilleberg,” and we need your help. We want to highlight you, our customers, from around the world and the amazing places you go with your Hilleberg tent. If you want to be part of it, send us a short video clip (see below for details). We’ll compile the clips into short “I Choose Hilleberg” videos which we’ll release every few months.

For your clip, we want a short video of you, out with your tent, where you say your name, where you are with your tent, and then say “I Choose Hilleberg.” You can record it in English or whichever language you prefer, and you can capture the clip on a cell phone or larger camera, either selfie style or on a tripod.

We think it will be a fun video and we appreciate your help making it happen. So, get out there with your tent and send us a quick video! We can’t wait to see it! Thank you.

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