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Hilleberg shelters are minimalist by nature, but that minimalism can offer a world of both versatility and possibilities. Some find it freeing to knowingly give up the security of a tent and use a shelter instead. Others find that adding a shelter to their kit expands the joy of their journey: on a rainy backpacking trip, a Tarp over your tent is a welcome “patio” refuge, and a Bivanorak provides a lightweight, quickly accessible way to get out of the weather while you’re on the trail. A Tarp also offers an easy way to enjoy your hike more: pull out the Tarp at midday for a leisurely lunch, or anytime you simply want to hang out, whether you’re hiking or paddling.

Mesh Inner Tents offer all the wonder of sleeping under the stars, minus the bugs, and they can be used in place of the standard inner tent as well. The Mesh Ridge and Mesh Boxes are a lighter, and more minimal, solution for bug-free camping on warm trips, and the Mesh Box 20 especially is a handy group gathering spot. Combine a Tarp with a Mesh Tent 1, a Mesh Inner Tent, a Mesh Ridge or Mesh Box, and you get a remarkably light and versatile mild weather alternative to a tent. For supreme minimalism, of course, a Tarp can be used on its own in many conditions.

Both the Windsack models and the Bivanorak are excellent insurance policies against unexpected bad weather. Both also make very effective sleeping bag covers under a tarp or in a snow cave (or in a tent). In addition, the Windsack can be used as an emergency tarp, while the Bivanorak is an excellent bivy option, and can be used as your primary rain gear, as well.

Our shelters are designed to work together, on their own, or as an adjunct to tent use. You can choose to use a shelter in a myriad of ways, limited only by your imagination!


  • Minimal weather protection
  • Can be used with any of the Mesh shelters for bug protection
  • Tarp 10 sleeps 2; Tarp 20 sleeps 4+

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Mesh Tent 1

  • Insect Protection
  • Designed to pair exactly with the Tarp 5, and will work equally well with Tarp 10 and Tarp 20
  • Sleeps 1

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Mesh Inner Tents

  • Insect Protection
  • Can be used with Tarp for minimal weather protection or with complement models
  • Available in Akto, Allak, Anjan (2 & 3), Enan, Helags (2 & 3), Kaitum (2 & 3), Nallo (2,3 & 4), Nammatj (2 & 3), Niak, Rogen, Soulo, Soulo BL, Staika, and Unna models

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Mesh Box & Mesh Ridge

  • Insect Protection
  • Designed to pair exactly with Tarp 10 (Mesh Ridge & Mesh Box 10) or Tarp 20 (Mesh Box 20)
  • Ridge sleeps 1 – 2; Mesh Box 10 sleeps 2; Mesh Box 20 sleeps 4+

Mesh BoxMesh Ridge


  • Waterproof/breathable fabric
  • Can be used as temporary or emergency shelter, or as rain gear
  • Will accommodate sleeping pad and bag for use as bivy bag

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  • Waterproof back, water repellent front
  • Can be used as temporary or emergency shelter for up to 3, or as tarp/windbreak
  • Will accommodate up to 3 sleeping pads and bags for use as bivy bag

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