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How do I pitch a Hilleberg tunnel tent?

  • Start by assembling the poles, make sure the sections seat together completely.
  • Lay the tent out, start at the side and insert a pole into the pole sleeve just above the pole tensioner and slide all the way to the end.
  • Then insert the pole end that is closest to you into the pole tensioner cup and pull the webbing until the edge of the tent meets the holder.
  • Repeat above process with other pole sections.
  • Stake down the rear corners, (on a tent like the Keron, with two identical entrances, either end can be staked first) grab the front corners and pull the tent out tightly, then peg them down.
  • The adjustable peg attachments should be loosened so that they are at their longest possible length when initially pegging the tent down. Then you can tighten them to achieve additional tension.
  • We always recomend that you guy out your tent. This is especially important if you are expecting any wind or if the weather is bad.

Your tent is designed to be pitched with the inner and outer hooked together, so you don't need to take them apart unless to pitch one separately.

For more detailed directions specific to your tent please visit the pitching instructions page to see videos of each tent being pitched and to download a PDF of the instruction book that came with your tent.

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