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Keron 4



Lisa & Simon Thomas

When Lisa and Simon Thomas left their UK home in May 2003, their goal was to circumnavigate the planet, on their motorcycles, in one continuous journey. They thought they would be out for two years, but after almost 15-years of enduring some of the most demanding regions and conditions in the world, they are, by their estimation, “only” three quarters the way through.

The two have journeyed over 481,000 miles/774,000 km, have ridden to and through 78 countries of their planned 122, and they have traveled to the most northerly and southerly points on earth possible by motorcycle.

“After 14-years of continuous motorcycle travel we’ve come to depend on our Hilleberg Keron 4 GT. It has sheltered us from skin-tearing sand storms in Africa’s Sahara, from the biting dangers of Brazil’s Amazon, and has kept us warm in the sub zero temperatures deep in South America’s Patagonia. We ask it to perform and it does. Our Keron weighs next to nothing (12 lbs 2 oz), pitches in seconds, and is spacious enough for us to call it home. It'll continue to be one of the items of gear we depend on. The only thing that separates Lisa and me from anyone who dreams of a great adventure is that we chose to do it, and set out — and our Keron has simply allowed us to continue. Great gear can sustain you.”

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