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Sebastian Copeland

Sebastian Copeland is a renowned British-French-American polar explorer, climate analyst, photographer and, above all, a storyteller. He began his professional career as a photographer in New York city, doing work across various industries including but not limited to advertising and fashion. It was around 1999 when he began to use his skills as a greater tool to advocate for the climate. As an experienced mountaineer and climber, he was drawn to both the mystique and the challenge that the polar regions offered. The places he has been to – the Antarctic, the North Pole, the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, to name a few – are some of the coldest, most indifferent in the world, and yet he finds that they are being changed on a systemic level. Each of his five books captures this change from the perspective of his camera lens.

His most recent book, Polar Explorations: To the Ends of the Earth, showcases scenes from various expeditions, including a 2009 expedition with partner Keith Heger where the two trekked on foot to the geographical North Pole. It also depicts a 2010 expedition in Greenland with partner Eric McNair-Landry. The two set a world record for longest distance traveled on kites and skis over a twenty hour period and spent a total of 43 days crossing the Greenland ice sheet. And during the 2011-2012 season, he and Eric partnered up again to set three world records for the first east/west transcontinental crossing of Antarctica by skis and kites during an 84-day mission. All of Sebastian’s expeditions have required immense personal strength and professional skill. It is difficult enough to merely complete these journeys, let alone record them artistically for others to be able to see and to interpret in a meaningful way. His photography has been featured in galleries in the United States, Europe and around the world, and he has addressed audiences at the United Nations, as well as governments and institutions around the globe. For his work, Sebastian has been named photographer of the year a total of four times and in 2017, he was named one of the world's top 25 adventurers of the last 25 years.

Sebastian continues to explore the ice today, though things look different than when he first started. To access these remote and formidable places, he relies on Hilleberg tents. “Hilleberg tents are light and bomb proof,” he says. “Pinned down for seven consecutive days in hurricane strength winds high on the Greenland ice, my Keron 3 GT provided a safety and dependability you do not want to question in this type of situation. Hilleberg is the gold standard for extreme adventure.”

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