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Angela Maxwell

Angela Maxwell is an American woman who has spent the past three years walking her way around the world. In 2014, she quit her job, sold everything she owned, and set out. She has traversed four continents, thirteen countries and walked over 12,000 kilometers, and she is still walking. As she writes on her site, “I walk as a free woman. A woman free to choose an education, a profession, who she marries, where she lives and her personal and political opinions. Many girls and women today don’t have the right or the support to share their voices, their dreams or perspectives.” She looks for opportunities to help support women and young girls, and has had many girls and women join her along the way. She gives free talks, and has been invited to speak in the United Arab Emirates, and was one of the first American women to speak at Meliksah University in Turkey. Of her tent, she says, “My Nammatj 2 GT is my most valued possession among my gear. It’s not about simply camping for me, it’s about creating a cozy, stable and highly sturdy environment, and I’m impressed with its durability. It has experienced sandstorms, snowstorms, freezing temperatures and has been almost baked to a crisp in the Australian Outback. After three years, it’s still in incredibly good condition and extremely invaluable to the success of my expeditions.” While Angela has used her tent in myriad conditions, an experience with an unexpected sandstorm stands out. “I braced myself next to my cart, and decided to wait it out. Two hours later I realized that my best option was to get inside my tent. I had to pitch the tent blindly, feeling my way around while sitting on top to hold it on the ground. When I got it set up, I clumsily climbed in. It was an unbelievably blissful moment. The sand and wind raged outside and I was secure and sheltered inside. Although the wind rattled my bones, the tent was still steadily in place and looked as graceful as ever. It was there, in Mongolia that I understood the true quality and integrity of Hilleberg design.” (For more information, see

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