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Sander van der Werf

Sander van der Werf is a Dutch freelance photographer with a passion for the outdoors. “I love to explore nature,” he says, “and my favorite adventures are alpine climbing, long hiking trips and camping.” An autumn hike in Sarek National Park in Sweden left him with a lasting love of Lapland, but he also “has a soft spot for Switzerland and the Alps in general.” On his snow-free trips, he takes his Anjan 3. “Since I usually carry 5 to 6 kg of professional camera gear, the weight of my outdoor gear is very important to me,” he says. “The Anjan is so lightweight that I might even take it on a short solo adventure.” In addition he finds that the Anjan gives him incredible flexibility at a low weight, is easy and fast to pitch, and has a small packed size. “The inner tent provides more than enough for me, my girlfriend and all my photo equipment,” he continues, “and the vestibule is spacious enough for two backpacks.” After weathering a big storm while on the Laugavegur trail in Iceland in August, he was impressed with the Anjan’s strength. “The Anjan can handle nearly anything nature throws at me,” he says. “The balance between weight and protection against the elements is nearly perfect.” In warm conditions, he says the ventilation of the Anjan is ideal, and he’s an especially big fan of the ability to roll up the back end of the outer tent. “Then, the inner tent mesh window not only provides excellent ventilation, it also allows you to enjoy the views when you go to sleep or wake up!” And last but not least, he says, “the Anjan’s red color is a big plus for me when photographing – it really stands out in almost every landscape!” (For more information, see

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